Mar 022011

505Games and Supersonic announce the arrival of Wreck:Revenge Revisited on download platforms for major gaming consoles.

In Wreck important thing is not to make the fastest lap, win the pole, make a perfect curve or maximize your vehicle’s aerodynamics. The important thing is to win, and win at all costs. Not that it should lead to aggression, it is absolutely indispensable. In addition, players will find wide variety of weapons and upgrades for their vehicles, which will help to remove their rivals from the road. But then you’d better not fall asleep, because the enemies you will have the opportunity to serve a hot dish of vengeance by five different air strikes.

WRECK delves into this unique formula by adding the ability to customize vehicles, so your opponents will recognize at a glance. Championship mode for single player will offer 24 challenges divided into four disciplines for lone drivers can hone their skills all the time they want. Up to four players can fight the copper local network multiplayer modes or online at a number of different circuits located in different locations.

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