Jun 212011

Taking advantage of the conference held ISC’11 currently in Hamburg, in Germany, the manufacturer and the Fujitsu Research Institute presented a Riken supercomputer they have co-developed.

With no less than 68 544 processors on board, the supercomputer known as K displays a phenomenal computing power of 8.162 petaflops, which corresponds to 8.162 million billion floating point operations per second.

Such clout allows it to raise Japan to first place in the TOP500, the global ranking of supercomputers. The rising sun was not reached since 2004, knowing that the classification has existed since 1993 and is updated twice a year in June and November.

Unfinished, in addition K has not yet sent any sauce. When the design is finalized and that will start its operation, that is to say from November 2012, its computing power wait 10 petaflops.

The supercomputer will then serve in the areas of climate, medicine, meteorology and disaster prevention.

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