Jun 202011

IOS allows interaction with accessories, Withings reveals an accessory that acts as blood pressure compatible with iPhone and iPad.

With iOS 3, Apple introduced the compatibility of IOS with accessories. If this possibility has been moderately used so far, while Google is trying to propose a similar approach on Android. The Withings company, which already offers a balance WiFi, can easily retrieved its iOS data or Android for monitoring offers a new gadget exploitable with IOS.

Its monitor can be used to connect to IOS devices, where it can  display the result immediately for that you need to just place the accessory on the arm and start the measurement on the device. Withings blood pressure monitor provide a unique way to self monitor the blood pressure.

As for the balance of Withings WiFi, monitoring values ​​can be displayed on the terminal iOS and shared by email with a doctor, the data stored on the device is secure. The system is compatible with Microsoft Services Health Vault and Google Health (personal health records), allowing data synchronization.

Withings the blood pressure cuff is priced at € 129 or or 129 $ including tax. An iOS app required for the system will be availed freely.


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