Mar 232011

The first major update of Windows 7 Phone, called Nodo, slowly starting to be offered to users of smartphones. The update for Windows 7 Phone Nodo was expected in the second half of March and it seems that it has started airing in some users, who have received notification of updates.

However, the deployment will be gradual Nodo, Microsoft said, and for those who have customized their terminal operator will require additional time.

United States, one of the latest WP7 smartphones announced the HTC Arrives for Sprint, comes with the update Nodo pre-installed, which received confirmation from Microsoft’s arrival Nodo.

There are still some users who have received feedback from the famous notification update but the process should accelerate in the coming days and next week.

Nodo must make various improvements to Windows 7 Phone to make it more responsive and add the famous copy / paste. But it is only the prelude to another update, still larger scale to be proposed in the second half of 2011 and will complement the mobile platform, adding new features.


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