Aug 182011

After Vodafone Group Services and Opera Software extended its global frame agreement earlier this year, Vodafone Essar and Opera Software today launched a co-branded version of the Opera Mini mobile browser, now available for download across Vodafone’s network in India.

With the co-branded web browser, Vodafone Essar can offer customers a better and faster browsing experience on nearly any mobile phone capable of connecting to the Internet. The co-branded browser offered by Vodafone Essar will feature customized Speed Dial shortcuts for easy access to unique Vodafone Essar features.

”We are delighted to promote our new co-branded Opera Mini product to our customers. Our mobile Internet user base has increased dramatically in the past six months. We know that Opera Mini brings a great fast mobile Internet experience to our customers, both new to the Internet and experienced users,” said Jonathan Bill, VP Internet Services, Vodafone Essar Ltd. “The co-branded version brings new, enhanced functionality to Vodafone’s customers, giving them easy one-click access to key content and applications.”

India is already one of the largest countries for Opera Mini usage globally, and an important region for the rapid expansion for Opera Mini. The Opera Mini browser uses compression technology to save data traffic and adapt to a greater number of devices worldwide.

“By expanding the partnership with Vodafone Essar, one of the largest Indian telecom operators, we are also expanding the connected world even more. To be part of that expansion, that is exciting,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “There’s good reason for the consumers to be excited too, as this opens up the Web for even more Indian mobile phone users who now have an easier time participating on the Web. We strongly believe that everyone has a right to be connected to the Internet, and with Vodafone Essar we are making this come true.”


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