Jun 052012

ViewSonic has shown a very interesting prototype display shown at Computex this year, the VP3280-LED. According to ViewSonic, the VP3280 is not meant for the average user. Because of the high-resolution screen, it would be ideally suited for applications where the appearance of fine detail is important. For example, the present employee watching an X-ray or CT scan in a hospital.

The screen uses a 10-bit-image display panel from the factories of Sharp, which is based on a technique similar to ips. The ViewSonic VP3280-LED features a 31.5-inch LCD panel, packing 8.8 million pixels for a total density of 150 pixels-per-inch.

The screen has a matte finish, is illuminated by a matrix of white LEDs and has 88 percent of the NTSC color spectrum display. At the back of the strong housing are two DVI connections in place and it is also possible to send the screen via a HDMI or display port signal.

ViewSonic is running this monitor from an Intel Core i5 powered PC and according to them this PC is only capable of pushing still picture from this display. The current iteration requires 2x dual-link DVI, but would be compatible with 2x DisplayPort in the future. It requires two dual-link DVI cables for operation.

Price & Availability:

Pricing and availability are still unknown at the moment, but we are sure it wont come cheap.

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