May 072011

VIA Technologies has unveiled the new dual-core processors destined for the professional market. To mark the event McEnery Convention Center, which ran from May 2 to 5 in San Jose, California (United States), the Taiwanese manufacturer VIA Technologies has introduced its new line of VIA Nano processors X2 E -Series.

Etched in 40 nanometers and exploiting the same socket as the VIA C7, VIA Eden, VIA Nano X2 and E-Series for compatibility with existing mainboards, the VIA Nano processor double heart X2 E-Series will be among Two and clocked at a frequency of 1.2 GHz or 1.6 depending on model.

Offering a native 64-bit compatibility, opportunities for hardware virtualization, encryption capabilities and hardware features energy saving, they will have as main target the professional market to take place in embedded solutions running under Windows or Linux. In short, there is little chance of finding them in a consumer product.

The availability of two dual-core processors low power consumption is scheduled for second quarter 2011.

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