Oct 142011

The new version called Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot was released by Canonical. Major changes within the operating system is the improved Unity interface and the addition of several new applications. After months of anticipation by Linux fans around the world, Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” made its long-awaited debut yesterday (October 13th). The update brings a wide range of improvements, including some much-needed enhancements to Ubuntu’s Unity shell. Available in 38 languages, the free Linux operating system from Canonical can now be downloaded from the Ubuntu site.

According to Canonical, publisher of Ubuntu, the Unity interface a user makeover. Both 2D and 3D version are available. The 3D version uses a GPU acceleration. GNOME 2 is no longer available and replaced entirely by Gnome 3. The Unity interface is therefore based. Ubuntu 11.10’s Unity Dash has a slightly more refined look, with some transparency effects reminiscent of Windows 7.

In Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot, there are number of applications and replace added. Thus, the mail client Evolution replaced by Mozilla Thunderbird, and Mozilla Firefox updated to version 7. There is a new app called Deja Dup backup tool, where you can set it up to place backups on a hard drive, but also use space on Ubuntu One instead, which may make sense to avoid hard drive failures, but could use up most of your storage allowance.

Offering a no-cost, feature-packed alternative to Microsoft Windows and other operating systems, Ubuntu is already used by 20 million people around the globe, according to Canonical. Each user now has 5 GB of storage that can be used for files and folders. In addition, one can say that there is now a Windows client available for Ubuntu One. Users can download the new version of Ubuntu today from the project’s website.


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