Aug 122011

XLabz Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading provider of cutting edge mobile applications officially announced the all India release of their successful GPS based virtual treasure hunt and social networking game GeoSocials.

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Aug 102011

A splinter group of notorious hacker collective Anonymous was fomenting support Wednesday for a plan to “kill” online social networking star Facebook.

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Jul 052011

The new Google+ social networking service will be supported by an official App Store application that has already been submitted to Apple for approval.

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May 242011

There is no doubt that social media is king of the mobile phone. Fresh results from the Opera State of the Mobile Web report reveal that the social component is dominant in the surfing habits of the top 20 mobile-surfing countries.

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May 172011

Social networking is now a need. Spare time in a person’s life is reduced heavily. Also the families are becoming more and more nuclear. Social networking sites are now becoming the medium to communicate with long lost friends and even with the family members. But not only networking and sharing information, but managed and efficient real-time communication is now gaining priority.

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Mar 212011

The start-up Snaptu, which develops mobile applications, was acquired by Facebook, always with a view to increase the presence of social networking in the mobile world.

The links between Facebook and the universe are moving ever closer and if the social network regularly denies rumors of preparing its own mobile OS, Partnerships for “Facebook Phones” and applications are multiplying, ensuring its presence terminals.

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Dec 052010

Improve Your Android Operating System’s Battery lifes

Set display brightness to adjust automatically. Turning down the brightness is obvious. But the automatic adjustment setting is less well known. Activating it means the OS will automatically dim its display in darker environments, including seemingly well-lit indoor rooms.

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Nov 242010

Up until about a year ago, Airtel had a deal with Twitter where they would exclusively provide a Twitter via SMS service. Now Reliance Communications has grabbed a deal where they not only provide tweets via SMS but also voice blogs. To do this, they’ve tied up with Bubble Motion as well as celebrities like John Abraham, Lara Dutta, Riya Sen and Sonu Nigam to provide make voice blogs. They also plan to release voice blogs from sports stars next year. The voice blog service is available on RCOM across CDMA and GSM networks.

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Nov 192010

Spice Mobility, India’s leading mobility company launches new range of qwerty handsets QT-95 & QT-68. First they came out with India’s first 3D mobile and now they are out with the first 3G + 2G dual mode QWERTY phone. QT-95 supports of 3G and 2G SIM as active dual modes, enabling to access high-speed data transmission, advanced multimedia access, richer data and voice experience. Apart from this, they’re also out with another phone specially meant for social networking. It is a premium finished qwerty phone with dual cameras for video callings and capturing spontaneous pictures.

Both QT-95 and QT-68 are stylish and empowered with Track Pad to enable a better user experience. The QT-95 has a dual active mode, one for 3G and the other for 2G. It enables access to high-speed data transmission so no waiting for those pages to load, richer voice and data experience meaning you don’t have to make do with blurred out images anymore and advanced multimedia access. The phone has dual cameras meant for making two-way video calls and can also be used to capture spontaneous pictures.

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