Oct 022012

Google-owned Motorola Mobility withdrew a patent complaint filed with a US commission but remained quiet Tuesday as to the reason for the legal ceasefire.

Motorola Mobility reserved the right to renew its case and said that no agreements had been worked out between the companies, according to paperwork filed Monday with the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

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Jun 222012

On Wednesday, Google announced the launch of a new Web site designed to defend and pass some time in the endangered languages. The project is called “Languages ​​in Danger“. According to a recent study, there are about 3000 languages ​​in the process of estinzone, of which almost half still spoken in parts of the Earth.

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Jun 192012

Google Map Maker functionality is now available in 8 more European countries. With the help of Google Map Maker users can add or edit geographical data, letting them update the actual map as seen by millions of users on Google Map. Google is now opening up Map Maker to more countries in Europe, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

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Jun 052012

Google warns Gmail users when believing that they are targeted by hackers who are employed by governments. These users get a bar at the top image in which a warning is displayed.

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Jun 022012

Google is currently rolling out a service that allows a person’s voice during a call realtime translation into another language. Real-time speech translation between English and German has been working, other languages ​​will be added. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said during an interview with students in the program of NTR College Tour that aired on Friday nights, we are launching new things almost every week. There are many new things to come.

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May 302012

Samsung and Google have introduced the new product line with Chrome OS. Samsung has officially announced the new Samsung Series 5550 and Samsung Series 3 Chromebox. The newly launched Chromebox is a desktop PC, without of course, a keyboard and mouse.

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Apr 242012

Mountain View has launched its new service Google Drive, an online storage space provided to customers in almost all platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Android and soon IOS). Google Drive accounts with five gigabytes of storage were available free at drive.google.com and upgrades to more space on servers in the California company’s data centers were available at rates set by size and country.

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Feb 212012

Internet giant Yahoo! on Tuesday applied to be removed from a lawsuit lodged in an Indian court against social networking sites hosting allegedly offensive content.

More than 20 Internet firms, including Google and Facebook, have been named in the case, which follows meetings between government ministers and the companies over material seen as offending Muslims or defaming politicians.

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Nov 172011

Google Inc unveiled its online music-download store on Wednesday, in a move to challenge the dominance of market leaders Apple Inc and Amazon.com Inc. Google’s online music store was expected to have a fully functional, more advanced cloud based service, which has left Google’s new music partners disappointed who have also gone ahead and called the online music store to be unexciting.

Nov 142011

Google Inc offered a detailed glimpse into its secret process of ranking Internet websites on Monday, publishing for the first time a list of recent tweaks to its closely guarded search algorithm.

While less than revelatory, the details published on Google’s official blog mark a departure for the Internet search leader, as antitrust regulators investigate claims that the company’s search process might be biased toward its own business and operations.

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