Feb 242010

Creates a protection group, with disk-based protection, for a simple folder. It can be extended to different data sources like Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, system state or virtual servers. The synchronization frequency and retention ranges can be modified to suit different needs.

Because the script protects a sub-folder in a volume, the code uses the CalculateSize parameter in Get-DataSourceDiskAllocation; this calculates the exact size needed for all the items in that folder. This parameter is not needed when protecting an application like Exchange/SQL or protection the entire file system volume.

It’s easy for organizations to believe that disk will solve their backup problems. But some organizations are starting to discover that while disk solved some of their backup problems, they are still not realizing the full reductions in backup times and improved performance rates on their application servers that they may have initially expected. If an organization finds itself in this predicament, then it probably behooves them to take a closer look at their backup architecture and determine exactly how much backup traffic is going across their corporate LAN.

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