Feb 082011

Logitech today announced the launch of Logitech Gamepad F310, Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510 and Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710, designed to enthrall PC gamers with enhanced console gaming experience across all gaming platforms. Logitech’s latest Gamepads feature soft rubber grips and a familiar, comfortable control layout in addition to the unique Logitech floating D-pad design for exceptional accuracy in all eight directions. The Gamepads are compatible with most of the games and for those that are incompatible, Logitech offers profiler software to configure the gamepad to emulate a keyboard or a mouse.

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Jan 132011

Sure many of you have video files in MKV format and I have found with the disadvantage of not being able to play on your PS3, well, this tutorial you can convert to a format your console can recognize, to enjoy smooth videos in HD.

It is essential to have the updated console firmware 1.82 or higher.
On the one hand explain how to go from MKV to MP4 format and the other how to do a VOB. Each has its advantages and disadvantages so the choice is yours, but you are worth the two formats to view them with your console.

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Nov 262010

“Come on, another party, I have time.” “Well, the last after I stop.” Formerly neutral, the ageless Pac-Man will pay the luxury of a broken video game for his 30 years. On one side are those who swear by it and who did not wait for the first returns to the 2010 version. And then the other he must convert. However, be clear: if you have work to provide personal, important duties to complete, complicated to assemble a cabinet, your marriage in crisis resolder, any project on the fire, do not download Pac-Man Championship Edition DX your console for any reason. Because it is probably one of the drugs most ferocious of the decade. It tastes without suspicion, without paying attention to warnings alarmist junkies, we say we win easily, but without knowing it is already hooked.

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