Apr 302011

Super Jumbo is not the name of a powerful airliner. This is a special dedicated software-based systems BeagleBoard cards, whose cost is around $ 149, which allows, through the touch of a button located right on the card, to move instantaneously from one system to another without having to reboot the machine. Specifically, the OS are concerned Android 2.3, Ubuntu 10.10, and Google Chromium OS AIOS (this is a system developed internally by the company).

This is well understood that, also through a few simple steps, you can set one of the above operating systems such as the default, depending on the needs and tastes. The software allocates about 500 MB for each OS and then reaching a little over 2 GB of space used for the overall image of the disk. In essence, Super Jumbo enables any OS-based systems BeagleBoard so that you can run applications and games practically designed for a specific OS and utilize their individual potential.

Worth noting is the innovation resulting from the ability to run Chrome on OS platform OMAP3 / 4. Tipping the scales in perspective, when available OMAP4 Texas Instruments chipset, the Google OS at home can benefit from many additional features such as for example, running multiple streams HD video streams. The application is available for download on the website.

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