Jun 172011

Gigabyte is expanding its range of PC cases Sumo Series with a new model, this time line of enriched model called Sumo α.

Sumo named α, an identifiable to the product number GZ-SU11BA-CTB, this PC case based on steel and plastic takes a black finish and futuristic for a result that is not unpleasant to the eyes. We like it or not, then. As they say, tastes and colors, it can not be discussed.

Gigabyte’s case measures 20.5 inches wide, 52.2 inches high and 50 centimeters deep, it has enough space to accommodate an ATX motherboard dimensions or Micro-ATX, seven additional cards, five 5.25-inch external units and four internal 3.5 inch units.

It also provides a connector on the front includes two USB 3.0, microphone input and headphone output. No eSATA by cons.

As for its heat dissipation is ensured two fans 12 inches in diameter installed at the front to back and the various vents, including a huge level of the side panel. Not forgetting to mention the two openings provided at the back for using a solution of water cooling type.

Pricing and availability info for the Sumo α has not been provided (yet).

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