Sep 062011

Microsoft has very strict rules regarding the release of games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade. This is how Microsoft game developers who choose hardening approaches their games rather to bring on Sony’s platforms than those of Microsoft. An employee of Sony has been here with clear language response.

The new rules show that Microsoft’s games business do not have to make when it first on the PS3 and the PlayStation Network release. Microsoft also wants to multi-platform games all have the same content. As for the PS3 games have exclusive content to the other platforms, Microsoft is refusing to issue the game.

Rob Dyer, senior vice president of public relations for Sony Computer Entertainment America is trying to game publishers to come in rebellion against the policies of Microsoft. In addition, he says: “Editors are cursed by Microsoft because they do something which a game for better consumer experience on our system, if it on their system could be experienced.”

Microsoft uses this approach to the PlayStation exclusive content to avoid. Still, Microsoft is not at all games. Thus, Mortal Kombat on a Playstation exclusive and not on the Xbox. Yet the game was released on the Xbox 360.


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