Feb 242011

From the Official European PlayStation Blog we get new details on SOCOM: Special Forces. This time the guys from Zipper Interactive details we co-op multiplayer mode for up to five players.

The cooperative mode of SOCOM Special Forces are two basic types of game: “Demolition” and “Spy.”

“Demolition” in this way our team will be tasked to examine carefully a location full of enemies in search of a VIP who will be neutralized by all means.

“Espionage”, thus focusing on the collection of information, which we must work together to find details of the enemy and sabotage their local operations.

Before the start of each mission cooperatively, we can adjust the overall difficulty and the number of enemy soldiers stationed on the map. Despite being able to choose the difficulty of the mission, the cooperative mode of SOCOM: Special Forces is designed to be a challenge as we progress will require teamwork pointing enemies and objectives to colleagues.

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