May 172011

Social networking is now a need. Spare time in a person’s life is reduced heavily. Also the families are becoming more and more nuclear. Social networking sites are now becoming the medium to communicate with long lost friends and even with the family members. But not only networking and sharing information, but managed and efficient real-time communication is now gaining priority.

People are carrying, even if nothing, but a mobile phone with them. Mobile phones are not only a medium of communication, but a medium of entertainment, scheduler, music player, camera and many. Basically a mobile phone now is not only a phone but people are carrying their world with it.

Seeing the urgency, most of the social networking mediums are available in mobile now. People now can use their networking links, either a mobile browser or an application.

“But we are forgetting the most important networking resource – the device’s PIM” says Kausik Das, CTO, Koe Innovations. “Every networking web sites are providing mechanism to share the parts of our life, but they are not a part of our life”, he adds, “and so we need to use the information that people are using for their daily life for a better communication, networking and managing everything more efficiently”. He thinks “It is more appropriate to collect the huge amount of data everyone already have in their life and let them manage it, in place of providing another mechanism to generate more data”. “We started with an idea of letting people manage their high priority contacts in a unique pictorial contacts basis, and so came up with the idea of SmartActs. But looking at the needs of individuals, we are coming up with an idea of Social communication and thinking of extending the features of SmartActs.

The planned SmartActs binds user’s most important and most active [mobile] contacts and their activities in a unique, independent Networking environment for greater benefit to the user and user’s contacts. Presence, permission based communications, active sharing within the realms of the Device PIM, managing own and other’s activities, doing group works is the unique value proposition of SmartActs and extending it to other Social media sites are to complete the solution so that users of SmartActs do not have to use other software for this purpose – he continues.

The idea is now at a planning stage. We have come up with a roadmap, but it’ll require little time before we start all our technical activities in this project. We are looking at suggestion from people so that we can come up with the most effective design that will suit everyone’s need. The project is divided into multiple components and requires a dedicated team to work on it. At present we are also looking at the option for strategic partners and investors who believe on SmartActs and who are willing to help Koe Innovations bring the product into market and help penetrate the market quickly. We have an initial draft of our idea and interested partners can have a copy of that on request.

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