Jul 072011

Sharkoon introduces a new Vaya pc case, made with steel and plastic. This PC case is entirely painted in black (inside and out), allows the installation of an ATX motherboard.

It also offers enough room for four 5.25-inch external units, a 3.5-inch external unit and four units with a 3.5-inch internal mounting is done without tools and a double bottom for the cables. It also provides remote connectivity and accessible front panel which includes typically two USB 2.0 ports for a USB key, a digital camera or an external hard drive and audio jacks for headphones and microphone.

As for cooling part is concern, it comes pre-fitted with a single 120mm red-illuminated fan, but three more 120mm fans can be installed if the user desires it. Two of these will go on the side panel, while the third can be placed in the back of the chassis. The watercooling is also the part, with two openings at the rear.

The Sharkoon Vaya PC case can be purchased for €25.


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