Jul 052011

The anticipation around the first Samsung Series 5 chromebook grows by the hour. Everything seemed ready for the launch of Chrome OS netbook, but the Korean company has decided to postpone its release date for almost 48 hours. Samsung Chromebook was expected to start shipping on July 5, but the availability date was recently pushed back to July 7.

The model is expected soon with only a WiFi module, while the WiFi +3 G version is scheduled for July 25, the date for now is not changed. Chromebook 5 Series, Samsung model XE500C21-A01IT, is on sale in Italy at a price of 399 euros, while the version with 3G modem will cost around 449 euros. Samsung is the only Chromebook notebook available, as Acer has not yet established prices and availability in Europe of its Chroma 700.

For now, the Acer chromebook is expected in the U.S. market at a price of $ 350 WiFi-only version, while the model WiFi +3 G will be available in late summer at a cost of $ 430.

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