Mar 132011

Samsung once again confirms its technological leadership and, at the launch of new TV sets, TV shows SMART, a new generation of TV that radically changes the way we live television through a new design, cutting-edge technologies but also a rich platform for innovative local applications (many of which are exclusive) and international. In this way, consumers will be able to transform every moment spent watching television in an exciting and memorable event.

Smart TV from Samsung is the revolution of traditional TV, as happened in the world of mobile with the advent of smartphones, today is transformed into an instant access to entertainment content for home entertainment experience unprecedented, new and dynamics. Samsung Smart Through Hub and the six features Samsung (Smart Video, Smart Search, Smart 3D, Smart News, Smart Chat, Smart Design) you can easily access music, games, movies, TV programs, pictures, videos, information, social networking and any online content, transforming the TV in the home entertainment center for excellence.

Today officially opens the new Samsung was smart with the presentation in Italy of the strategies and technological innovations audio and video of the Korean brand for 2011, completely inspired by the concept of ‘Smart Life’. All new products represent this revolutionary approach to life and way of life technology, since the new generation of Smart TV – leading to excellence and highest manifestation of the ‘Smart Life’ going through the entire innovation portfolio home theater blu-ray and digital imaging.


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