Jan 062011

In the range of new notebooks, the notebook Samsung Series 9 is distinguished primarily for its innovative design. It is the first laptop with the outer duralumin, a durable, lightweight, generally used in aircraft, which helps to give this notebook a new look particularly attractive. Designed for high performance, the Samsung 9 Series notebook is equipped with a solid state drive and Technology Fast Start, which allows the boot in just 12 seconds, 60% faster than a normal hard disk.

Samsung Series 9 offers a 13.3 inch LED backlighting, with a 100,000:1 contrast and brightness of 400 nits. According to the statement by the Korean Samsung 9 will be the thinnest and lightest notebooks belonging to its category (1.31Kg and 17.2 mm thick). The engine of this ultraportable is entrusted to a Sandy Bridge Intel, Intel Core i5-2537M, supported by 4GB of RAM and SSD up to 128GB. The installed operating system is Windows 7.

‘E’ option provided for the integration of a WiMAX module. Samsung Series 9 will be available later this year the starting price of $ 1600.

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