Jun 142011

Research in Motion confirmed the launch of its first BlackBerry PlayBook within a month in sixteen new markets, including France.

The trump card of Research In Motion (RIM), namely the touch pad playbook and especially his BlackBerry Tablet OS based on QNX, is currently available in the United States. Criticized for its loss of ground against the competition and for the chronic delays in the launch of its new products, the Canadian manufacturer expects much of its shelf, first proposed to target professional.

The tablet playbook has attracted by its performance and attractive interface but it also suffers from some defects in relation to competition, such as lack of mobile applications and some elementary functions only work in conjunction with a BlackBerry smartphone.

RIM adds little by little fixes and new features and finally announced the commercialization of its product outside the United States. Last week, the company made the list of sixteen markets that will unload the playbook shelf by the beginning of July, including France.

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