Nov 302010

Quick Heal Technologies has announced the launch of new 2011 computer security series:

  • Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2011,
  • Quick Heal Internet Security 2011 and
  • Quick Heal Total Security 2011

Quick Heal’s focus has always been providing the best experience possible to the users, and with the new User Interface featured in the 2011 series, it has gone a step further, by introducing a user interface that is simplistic yet robust and receptive yet intuitive. The enhancements and improvements made to the earlier design and functioning compliments the theme of Quick Heal 2011: Freedom. Freedom to Connect, Surf, Chat, Tweet, Play, Download, Work, Communicate and Shop online without fear.

Mr.Kailash Katkar said “We are happy and excited to launch Quick Heal 2011 series. After looking at the efforts that has gone behind the making of this new version, I am sure Quick Heal 2011 is going to change everything again.”
Quick Heal 2011 has enhanced its installer to speed up the installation. It has also enhanced the anti-virus engine making it light on server resources and yet fast in scanning, detecting and blocking all kinds of viruses, spywares, roguewares and other malwares that might try to sneak into your system. The firewall has been enhanced to work silently in the background and yet be powerful enough to act as a wall against hackers, and the new feature Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System detects and prevents malicious activity from the network or Internet before they can reach your system.

But the hallmark feature of Quick Heal 2011 is the Parental Control and Web Security. The Parental Control feature allows parents to configure the categories of websites that is safe for their kids, hence keeping them away from unsuitable Internet content. It also allows Internet usage scheduling, so that parents can configure the timings of Internet use for kids, giving them complete control over their kids Internet usage.

Quick Heal’s new Web Security feature is browser independent at the same time uses cloud service to prevent user from visiting any infected website. So if any user tries to visit a newly compromised website it will be filtered by our cloud service which is updated to the last minute.

Total Security users are provided with much needed built-in and enhanced feature of Quick Heal PCTuner. This will perform registry cleaning, disk cleaning, registry optimization and performance tuning which will fix computer errors and speed up the computer. Total Security users will also see additional support for new mobile phone models in its PC2Moblie scan including support for scanning of Apple iPhone. The PC2Mobile Scan feature has also been enhanced to work on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

“Simplicity is what we had tried to achieved with the all new user interface of Quick Heal 2011. At the same time I am sure users will experience better security while surfing on the Internet. A browser independent and plug-in free web security gives robust security with maximum performance” said Mr.Sanjay Katkar, CTO and MD of Quick Heal Technologies.

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