Jan 082011

Apple opened its online showcase of applications for Mac OS X a few days ago. The project was enthusiastically received by users that in the first 24 hours, have downloaded almost a million apps. Mac App Store currently contains about 1000 software, which internet users can search or through a search engine or browsing the portal through the various categories proposed. Currently, the Market Place of Appe mainly collects applications for Apple products and lots of games / utilities for Mac OS X.

As mentioned above, some Mac software offered in the App Store and Apple have to pay for itself holds 30% of the sale. Despite the costs and limitations, however, the Cupertino company and its partners believe that the portal can quickly become the main App Store for Apple products. As with any successful initiative, however, even in this case Mac App Store has been the victim of software piracy.

Some users have managed, in fact, to hack the Apple App Store, allowing you to download any application, even the most expensive. The news comes from online American printing, which communicates with a simple “copy and paste the crack to download those applications not controlled by the system for validation of the company in Cupertino. You can download by pasting the license file on the file a free application software for a fee. And that’s it!

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