Jun 082011

PhysX technology developed by the manufacturer nVIDIA passes a new milestone with version 3.0 that allows a tenfold graphic rendering of video games. The SDK is now available to developers.

The company took advantage of nVIDIA’s enthusiasm E3 in Los Angeles, the largest show dedicated to video games to announce the availability of the SDK (Software Development Kit) PhysX 3.0. This new version of this technology offers a completely rewritten engine, with the aim of supporting multiple CPU architectures and better GPU acceleration.

As a reminder, PhysX technology is used to manage the effects of real-time physics in video games running on Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac OS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, as well as devices running the Android operating system.

Several improvements are also up to date with the PhysX SDK 3.0, namely a reduction of the load calculation for collisions, a more efficient multi-threading to take advantage of multicore processors heart in games, streaming to insert more quickly graphics without sacrificing performance, and a range of flexible tools that allow developers to increase efficiency.

You’ll understand that the watchword of the PhysX technology is 3.0 optimization and performance gain. This will provide a rendering qualitative and especially little greedy in games that use this new version in the future.

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