Jan 072011

Nvidia is also leading this year on stage at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. One of the novelties introduced by the producer is the family of video cards GeForce 500M that, ultimately, represent an evolution of the previous series GeForce 400M. Nvidia does not stop there! The Santa Clara company has submitted the Project Denver, a revolutionary dedicated to the design and development of ARM-based processor architecture and are intended for personal computers and even the so-called supercomputers.

The idea behind the project is to ensure full integration between systems characterized by large processors and GPU processing power. This strategy ensures the possibility of extending the scope of the ARM architecture is not relegated to specific niche areas. In essence, Denver Project is a set of comprehensive solutions that can be used in multiple operating environments. It’s clearly the challenge with Intel and AMD in recent weeks, are engaged in the presentation of the new Sandy Bridge processors with support for graphics libraries DirectX10.1 and APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) belonging to the Fusion family. Microsoft has announced want to introduce support for Windows Project in Denver 8.

After Project Denver, Nvidia has officially Tegra 2, the new chip consists of the ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core processor with frequency up to 1 GHz with GeForce. This is an innovative next-generation platform dedicated to smart phones and tablet. According to data released by the company, Tegra 2 would be able to easily manage video streams at 1080p resolution and features hardware acceleration for Flash Player 10.1 besides support the HDMI interface.

Nvidia is focusing on limiting consumption precisely because of the type of device that this solution will be to equip. The first publicly talk about a range equal to a full day under optimal conditions. When viewing HD video, Tegra 2 ensures operability next 16 hours against 140 hours on the reproduction of music files. The power of the chipset comes from the presence of 8 independent Core and a sophisticated system for automatic performance based on workload.

Many companies have decided to implement the solution offered by Nvidia. These include LG than with his Optimus 2X promises cutting edge performance but also Samsung, Hannspree and many more. Tegra 2 is used a lot especially to equip the latest generation of tablet so they can benefit from high-level multimedia performance.

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