Sep 222011

NVIDIA has released a couple white papers about its next generation Tegra 3 processor, codenamed “Project Kal-El“.  Nvidia also claims that it’s the first chip with a quad-core chip. The new processor will be at a lower clock do its job and is also energy efficient.

If the processor is less, labor-intensive tasks required to perform the four cores will turn off automatically. At that time, the slow but energy-saving companion core would work and take over the four cores.

If a user requires better performance from his machine, the cores are switched on again, depending on what the user wants to do at that time. When viewing the e-mail for example, will only need a core, while the play probably need all four cores. Switching between two cores would be less than 2 milliseconds to complete.

Kal-El was supposed to be available by August this year, according to NVIDIA’s initial aggressive schedule. That milestone has come and gone, but judging from the data in its latest white papers, it should be nearing release in the first half of 2012. NVIDIA did not respond to our request for more information about a new target for a Tegra 3 launch.

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