Nov 262010

Nokia has been throwing quite a few surprises around. Phones with start up problems, app store having delays, unexciting phones being launched, etc. Now they seem to be delaying the launch of the E7 and although it’s not a very big delay the price is quite a big concern.

Nokia tweeted about the launch of the E7 in December and stated that it would cost 500 Euro without taxes (Rs. 30,430). An online retailer store called Expansys has listed the device for 200 Euro (that’s Rs. 12,200) more and available in January 2011. Although it’s just a rumor and Nokia hasn’t given any official statement about the launch date, what if it goes the N8 way? Where the phones were delayed over and over again.

Nokia phones are quite nice in terms of features and functionality, but if they delay launches and after that solve problems related to the delayed device, they stand to lose their share in the market. A Rs. 12,000 increase in price is definitely too high and must be taken for revision. We know that Nokia can do a lot better than this, they have done so before, so what’s stopping them now??

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