Feb 262011

Nintendo 3DS is the first three-dimensional console gaming, equipped with two displays a touchscreen and the other 3-D, capable of restoring images in three dimensions without the use of polarized glasses. Nearly 2000 people have been waiting for the opening at dawn of Yodobashi Camera electronics store in Akihabara, which specializes in the sale of games, animations and new technologies. Almost all were equipped with a ticket reservation (withdrawn a few days before), which gave them the right to purchase one of the first Nintendo 3DS available.

The budget has been positive. Inventories, very limited on launch day, were quickly exhausted, forcing shops to display posters with “sold out”. Someone taking advantage of the few units available, decided to sell their consoles on the Internet, intact and still packed, at a premium of 10-30%. With Nintendo 3DS, the Japanese company has launched a wide range of accessories and eight new games, set to increase in coming months, offering gamers a choice play 3D diversified.

Nintendo points out, even in this case, that the level of depth or three dimensional graphics is adjustable and varies according to the people. The manufacturer is also not recommended for children under the age of 6 years to enable 3D, because due to low vision during childhood. Proposed in Japan at 25,000 Yen (about 230 €), Nintendo 3DS is the most expensive console on the market, a factor that could slow sales and the enthusiasm of the customers.

Regret the absence of a stylus for the touchscreen and the lack of specific technological innovations. Despite this, the console could revitalize Nintendo, proven in the last period from the competition in the industry and manufacturers of smartphones, which allow you to download thousands of games cheaper. The company hopes to sell 1.5 million Japan to 3DS in just over a month. 3DS Nintendo will be available in late March in Europe at a price of 249 €.

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