Apr 142012

After Flashback, another malware targeting Mac computers, Sabpab Trojan malware has been discovered that targets computers using compromised Word documents. Sabpab is like Flashback that does not require any user interaction to infect Apple Mac. It is also using the vulnerability of Java and is being used to create Flashback botnet.

According to Sophos, SabPab establishes an HTTP connection with a server control and order after the successful infection of a computer.  What then allow attackers to execute arbitrary code, download files, take screenshots of a system.

Once installed, Sabpab is able to scour infected devices for potentially sensitive information, as well as installing other code.

Kaspersky Lab has also identified another variant SabPub which operates an old security vulnerability in Office for Mac 2004 and 2008. Kaspersky Lab, however, anticipated publication in the coming days of new variants of malware and the establishment of new areas of control and command.

The cybercriminals are apparently determined to target the Mac now.






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