Sep 192011

Experimental Intel x86 processor made ​​with a solar cell the size of a postage stamp. The so-called Near-threshold voltage processor consumes only 10 mW (milliwatts), so the present solar cell can provide enough energy to provide power to the processor. The beauty of the chip is not necessarily needed sunlight.

Intel demonstrates the chip powered by the light of a desk. It is unknown whether there is contributed by the present stage lighting at the presentation at Intel’s developer conference, IDF boot, it will probably help a little but it’s still special. This according to Intel technology allows instant wake-up electronics.

So far there are no plans to make the solar-powered processor effectively bring products to Otellini said Intel CEO Pail. Intel does have a clear picture of the possibilities that scooped the transistor technology has to offer.

The x86 processor is essentially a Pentium processor, but with improved efficiency in terms of energy. The system demonstration was made that the chip runs on Linux and uses specially developed by Micron DDR3 memory. These DDR3 memory is 7 times more efficient than normal DDR3 memory and is called Hybrid Memory Cube.

Shekhar Borkar Intel researcher indicates that Intel aims for the next 10 years the processors even more energy efficient than it is. This would only be the beginning, he said that to illustrate servers nowadays about 200 watts in order to get 100 Gigaflops, Intel hopes this time back 10 years to bring to 2 watts.


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