Jan 262011

Firefox 4.0 beta 10 fixes more than 500 holes and offers many improvements especially related to the use of memory and the compatibility and stability of Mac OS X, when you used the Adobe Flash plugin. 10 The beta of Firefox 4.0 also marks the introduction of a black list of graphics drivers, to improve the stability of the browser. Some of these may cause problems to ‘hardware acceleration, a feature that allows you to exploit the computing power of the graphics chip for faster loading and viewing the Web page.

Although Firefox 4.0 has reached its tenth beta, 11 beta version of the browser is already planned in the coming days before moving on to Release Candidate. Mozilla plans to release the final version of Firefox 4.0 by the end of February 2011. Please note that this new major version of the browser Mozilla brings numerous new features such as hardware acceleration and activation WebGL default with Windows and Mac OS X.

It ‘also provided support for HTML 5 Forms API, and support for Direct2D DirectWrite on Windows 7 and Vista, support for codecs WebMate, a new Extension Manager, a new JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey and certainly improvements in responsiveness and interface user.

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