Sep 162011

The Metro style browser in Windows 8 will not support Flash in Internet Explorer 10. However, Metro style browser in Windows 8 is as HTML5-only as possible, and plug-in free. Microsoft says, that running Metro style IE plug-in free improves energy consumption, stability and security.

Analysis of the Windows 8-team shows that the 97,000 most popular websites in the world where flash is used, HTML 5 to 62% provide an alternative to Flash. The largest selection flash on these websites includes video. The desktop version of Internet Explorer browser from Windows 10 or 8 will support Flash and other plugins.

Despite this announcement, Adobe Flash in a blog post states that it has a good future for Windows desktops, including Windows 8. For tablets that is something else, flash maker Adobe expects that Flash apps coming to Metro via Adobe AIR. Adobe Integrated Runtime which turns web content, including Flash, outside the browser.

Adobe continues the blog post about Windows 8 and Metro, saying that the technology is neutral. The software publishers and developers want content to help their users with the “richest experience”, regardless of the technology. That includes what Adobe and Flash are concerned HTML5. “We work closely with Microsoft, Google, Apple and others in the HTML community to stimulate innovation in HTML5.”

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