Apr 012011

The Mach Xtreme Technology manufacturer has just introduced a new range of SSD devices by the name MX-MDS. The line in question refers SSD 1.8-inch miniatures which are based on a couple memory controller SandForce FS-1222 + MLC flash memory type and can carry up to 40, 60 or 90 GB of data using models.

Connected to SATA, they show relatively comfortable performance. It is about 210 MB / s write and 220 MB / s read for the 40GB model, while it is advanced up to 275 MB / s write phase and up to 285 MB / s in reading phase for models 60 and 90 GB

They also announced a 20G vibration resistance, shock resistance to 1500G, running time before failure of at least 1.5 million hours, a consumption of 2 watts in operation and a consumption of 0.5 Watt standby.

Carry a manufacturers warranty of two years, the MDS-MX SSDs will be available from 11 April. As far as prices finally, it will cost 135 euros for the 40 GB version, 165 euros for the 60 GB and 220 euros for the 90 GB.

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