Jan 282011

Harmonix has announced new downloadable content for Rock Band 3. Such content is 18 of the 19 songs on the third album by The Clash, London Calling.

The content will arrive on February 1 on the PlayStation Store update. 5 of the songs included Pro Guitar and Bass Pro Expansions and have an additional charge of $ 0.99 (around Rs.45/-).  The songs in question are “London Calling”, “Rudie Can not Fail”, “Spanish Bombs” “Clampdown,” “The Card Cheat.”

Then we leave you with a list of songs that include this new content, but fans of the group already know what are the songs.

  • “London Calling”
  • “Brand New Cadillac”
  • “Jimmy Jazz”
  • “Hateful”
  • “Rudie Can not Fail”
  • “Spanish Bombs”
  • “The Right Profile”
  • “Lost in the Supermarket”
  • “Clampdown”
  • “The Guns of Brixton”
  • “Wrong ‘Em Boyo”
  • “Death or Glory”
  • “Koka Kola”
  • “The Card Cheat”
  • “Lover’s Rock”
  • “Four Horsemen”
  • “I’m Not Down”
  • “Revolution Rock”

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