Jul 242012

LG Electronics said on Tuesday that its LG’s Quick Voice app’s will be ready in English by the first half of next year. LG puts the voice control Quick Voice since June this year on home phones in South Korea.

Quick Voice, the voice control for smartphones from LG comes in the first half of next year in English. But it’s still unclear whether it would support the Dutch language. The voice control is meant for top models, but whether the current Optimus 4X HD also supports, is unclear.

The voice tool will be available on the company’s two smartphones i.e., Optimus LTE 2 and Optimus Vu, through software upgrades and will be embedded in the firm’s upcoming “flagship smartphones,” said Son.

Quick Voice is, as Siri for the iPhone, a voice control that works with commands in natural language. In addition, it would be possible to be self-commands to create. The English version would be called Q Voice.

Manufacturers of smartphones in recent years pay much attention to voice control. For example, Google search in 2010 with voice commands on phones, which since Android 4.1 a new interface is added. Apple released a test version of last year from Siri, who works with commands in natural language. Samsung is a modified version of Vlingo of his Galaxy S III, under the name S Voice.








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