Apr 212011

LG introduces a new system to protect sensitive information. From LG comes a new proposal to safeguard your privacy while browsing the web or while you are doing other activities with your mobile device. It is, in essence a real filter to apply to the display of the notebook can avoid seeing what is projected on it who is not perfectly centered.

This system is intended, therefore, for those who often uses a laptop in public, perhaps during a business trip or in any other circumstances. The filter prevents, in fact, anyone who is not in front of the device, to find out what you are viewing at that time by reducing the viewing angle.

In fact, anyone looking from another angle, will only see a screen illuminated by a light gray dark but will not be able to read the information correctly reproduced. Currently, LG privacy filter, applicable to any device equipped with an LCD-type display is currently available in Korea. There is no official information about the possible release in other international markets.

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