Jan 242011

After leak yesterday’s LA Noire trailer to be unveiled next May 17 will be put on sale the new Rockstar detective adventure set in the 40s. The video, showing some details of the argument has already been removed from the web after the claim of Take-Two, but today we will reach another video of the game.

This date is belonging to the American version. In Europe we have to wait three more days to enjoy it, i.e. on May 20.

LA Noire promises to be one of the major titles this year. Although Rockstar shows details dropper, which today leaves us no doubt know. For example, LA Noire will be more than 50 hours of dialogue (which is like two seasons of a TV series) and each case can be solved in different ways depending on the choices we make. You also have a new motion capture technology to record sound and appearance, actions and actors’ voices and then transfer them to the game, where we have to pay special attention to the gestures to see if we are lying or telling the truth.

Hopefully Rockstar will we revealing new details of this adventure with time.

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