KOR-fx media enhancement device

Immerz highlighted its FX-KOR device during E3. This new technology enables acoustic-haptic feeling the sounds of video games and movies in your chest.

For the sake of winning by immersion, some companies are developing new technologies for the multimedia market. The manufacturer is currently working on Immerz acousto-haptic device, to feel the vibration of sounds based on video games and movies.

KOR-named FX, this gadget is positioned around your neck, the ends resting on your chest. Coordinated with the sounds of video games, film or music, the product translates the low vibration level.

During E3, the FX-KOR was put on display with the game Left 4 Dead 2, to transcribe the pulse shots, and those voices. The aircraft was also presented with the film Jurassic Park on iPhone, including the scene of the arrival of the T-Rex is waving water glass.

For now, the FX-KOR is in beta testing, but the device will soon be distributed a priori. Indeed, the company offers Immerz already to pre-order for the modest sum of 189.99 dollars.

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