Feb 282011

Konami sent us via press release new images showing some of the locations and scenes of the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour, which as you know is being developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and will be on sale next fall.

The new images show hitherto unknown places of the village that are very prominently present in this new release, coinciding with the ambition of the development studio “Vatra” to provide a feeling much more open world of the saga. Downpour show the southeastern part of Silent Hill, which has been the least explored in the entire franchise. This new area will allow much greater freedom, with dark streets and plenty of shortcuts and crannies. The result is a feeling of much greater freedom to explore when walking the streets of Silent Hill, with a map of the village will longest and largest in the entire history of the series.

Downpour also teleport the player into the bowels of the village: you can access the Metro to Silent Hill, formed by an extensive network, where the most daring can cross the city. These creatures will host unimaginable dark passageways, but also help to tackle players through walls knocked down or out of service roads, abandoned long.


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