Mar 172011

In the first days of its availability, Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded with an average four times higher than the Release Candidate. Despite the excellent result, the record remains in the hands of Firefox 3, with 8 million downloads in the first 24 hours. Available in final version by March 14, Internet Explorer 9 started on the right foot. Microsoft announced that initial estimates of the browser, announcing carried 2.35 million downloads in 24 hours, ie 27 downloads per second.

2.35 million downloads in 24 hours, are more than double the one million downloads of the beta version IE9, and four times the number of downloads of the Release Candidate, in the same span of time,” wrote Ryan Gavin marketing manager for Internet Explorer. Although this is a satisfactory figure, the result is after all still very far from the record set by another Web browser speak, specifically, Firefox 3, which has exceeded 8 million downloads in 24 hours between 17 and June 18.

One reason for this may lie so successfully in Windows XP. Please remember that fact IE9 is only compatible with Windows 7 and Vista, but not with Windows XP which still holds 55% market share worldwide.

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