How To: Calibrate your PA3399U-2BRS Battery

When I get this Sony VGP-BPS2C Battery, there is an operating instruction attached to the notebook computer. As a new battery, I am really concerned about its quality and usage time. So I read the instruction carefully. It says to calibrate the Sony VGP-BPS2 VGP-BPS2A Battery once a month. Its the first time that I heard about the calibration of laptop battery.

Like this Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS Battery, its lithium battery which sport a level meter, like an electronic fuel gauge. Windows Mobile uses the information from those readings to display remaining battery level of the laptop battery.

Some of us may fall into this occasion. When the laptop notified low battery, the power meter shows 20-30% remain after resetting. To be simple, the dell 700M Battery cant be fully charged when it indicated the actual capacity of the battery around 90% or 100%. Now you should take this step- calibration. When your battery suffers this situation, you should calibrate the notebook computer battery.

The cells of the battery cant be reconditioned without calibration. And for the dell B130 Battery, it only allows Smart circuitry to accurately predict the level of the battery. This action can have you battery a new start. It will have a better capacity as it before. As the lithium battery still has some memory so that the battery will get slowly reaction to the charging action. Through this calibration, the power can be corrected. It can indicate the actual capacity. ACER LC.BTP00.006 Battery APPLE A1175 battery APPLE A1189 battery

A battery, which is out of calibration, for example, dell D610 Battery, shows that 90% of the load, in fact less capcity remains. This can be explained that why a laptop turns off suddenly while reporting a reasonable power remaining. In addition, the battery in the basic Windows screen may show 0% charge remaining after only 1.5 hours usage, but the battery is only six months. Actually the battery has been fully charged and used for much more than a few months before.

If you are not certain about how to calibrate your PA3399U-2BRS Battery, you can ask the ASUS A32-F5 Battery HP Pavilion dv2000 battery HP Pavilion dv1000 battery experts of the service center. They will provide you professional information. And you have no need to worry about the potential risk.

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