Feb 182011

Yesterday, we reported the launch of a new online service, Google signed. One Pass is a solution designed to simplify the digital content distribution fee. Publishers can offer their customers daily subscriptions, monthly or annual newspapers, magazines, or individual articles by monetizing their online content. Google will take a 10% commission on every item sold. The service will be available free to subscribers, “paperless”. This system comes just hours after the announcement of subscriptions Apple In-App via the App Store.

The platform Apple In-App has similarities and differences with One Pass. Publishers (print paper, music or video) will offer its members subscriptions weekly, monthly or yearly through the App Store platform. As with the existing applications and for the music sold individually, the giant of Cupertino will take care of the billing process, which assigns a commission of 30% to Apple and the rest moved to the publisher. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, also stated that the rate of 30% will be applied only to subscriptions from IOS.

If the user had entered through the official website of the publisher, there will be any charge for Apple. The Cupertino company has paid too much attention to privacy, so that the user can decide what data to share from and what to hide from the public.

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