Oct 202011

According to the latest rumors, Google seems to unveil its own online music service, especially after the company launched its own cloud music service earlier this year. Google Music would be a combination of a storage service for all music, which will combine an MP3 download store with a cloud storage system set up to allow people to store songs remotely and play them back on multiple devices, according to sources in the music industry.

The principle of the storage service is very simple. Users can pload and stream music up to 20,000 tracks on Google-linked phones and devices. Google had struck a deal with EMI with several major record labels which include Universal, EMI, Sony Music and Warner Music. Universal is expected to be the next publisher to sign agreements with the Big G, while Sony and Warner are still a ways off reaching a deal.

According to Andy Rubin, head of the Android department, the talks are in the final stage. He also added that the service would have “a little Google in it. We won’t just be selling songs for 99 cents”, Said Rubin.

According to the sources in the industry, Google Music would emerge in November.

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