Sep 192011

Google announced Google Wallet app to customers this summer. For now the service will only be available with the Sprint Nexus S 4G smartphone telecom provider. This American version of the Nexus S has one of the few smartphones on the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip necessary for using Google Wallet in shops.

Until now, Google Wallet users already have a Citi MasterCard with PayPass enabled. To date, this is also the only company who has joined the Google system.

For smartphones without NFC chip, Google has already announced NFC stickers. Users paste these stickers on the back of their smartphone, so they still use PayPass payment devices in shops to pay. The payments are then amortized on Google Wallet. It is unclear whether these stickers also be launched today at the conference.

The launch of Google Wallet coincides with the acquisition of daily deal. This is the German version of Groupon. Google this acquisition expands its own version of Google Sacrifices. By implementing daily deal Google Offers discount can be deducted immediately upon payment in shops with Google Wallet.

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