Apr 042011

The G. Skill manufacturer announces the launch of its new DSS Phoenix Evo memory controller SandForce SF-1222 type flash memory and MLC 25 nanometers. 2.5-inch format for installation in a laptop as a desktop computer, the SSD G. Skill Phoenix Evo 25 nanometers can accommodate up to 115 GB of data.

Operator binding type SATA II 3 Gb / s, it promises transfer speeds fairly comfortable from the internal testing, with up to 270 MB / s write phase and up to 280 MB / s in reading phase.

This announcement further operation at a temperature between 0 and 70 degrees, a shock resistance of 500G in an activity, resistance to vibration of 15G line and a running time before failure estimated at least one million hours.

Accompanied by a manufacturer warranty of three years, this new G. Skill SSD is expected soon to arrive in early April.

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