Jun 012012

Facebook hint that the current round of voting on the privacy sometimes can be the last. Facebook is letting its nearly 1 billion users vote on changes to its privacy policy. Users of the site can vote until June 9, but the result is binding only in a ‘rise’ of 30 percent, which seems unrealistic.

Facebook has been working for some time on a new “Declaration of rights and responsibilities”, which include an amended Privacy Policy is incorporated. The site has users the opportunity to respond to the substantive changes and this has led to some changes. Among others, the Timeline feature and the ability to advertise based on hobbies is in the new statement.

The voting period starts Friday with a ballot, with users through a Site Governance Vote – app can indicate whether they prefer the old policy or for the new choice. The ballot will run through June 8 and is only binding if 30 percent of users are to participate. Of a total of 900 million users, 270 of them would have cast their vote, which seems unrealistic. Probably the result is therefore advisory in nature.

What is also likely, is that the last time that Facebook in this way allows users to participate. In the mouth of Elliot Schrage, vice president of communications, public policy and marketing at Facebook, namely let the site know the procedure under the microscope to see if the votes still matches the original purpose for greater support.

“While our mechanism for participation might be about to change, does not regard our support for greater transparency, accountability and act accordingly,” says Schrage. Facebook gave the first opportunity to vote on the policy in 2009. The privacy spokesman for the company said earlier, however, the aim was to obtain observations of high quality, not so much as possible to get comments.


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