Apr 202011

Evernote application has announced version 3.0 of the Android platform, adding features sharing to social networks. Shared notebooks can now be accessed from the Android version and if the perpetrator is a premium subscriber, they are also editable.

Evernote boasts a dimension of collaboration tool that is expressed through Android. For premium subscribers, the shared notebook is available offline and amendments added in the meantime by other users appear at the next synchronization.

Evernote 3.0 for Android also added sharing to social networks Facebook, Twitter and others and a search tool in the notebooks appeared, in addition to research in all grades in order to optimize results.

Location and new widget:

Besides the creation of notebooks directly on Android, a function of GPS is emerging, with a map showing the locations where the notes have been produced and can serve as a research tool. The location of the notes is not automatic and must be validated by checking an option.

For premium users, access to the account can now be secured by password. Finally, a widget can be placed on the homepage of the terminal Android, with shortcuts to creating different types of notes (text, audio, photo, etc.).

The application for Android Evernote 3.0 is freely downloadable on the Android Market.

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