Jun 062011

Electronic Arts has just announced the development of The Sims3 iVaya wildlife! A new release of one of its most popular franchises and will be available this fall for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS, as a whole new game, while PC will do so for expansion.

The Sims 3 iVaya wildlife! lets you play the way you want, whether you are an artist who wants to personalize your Sim to look like your pet, as if you are one who prefer to get many rewards, those who like to experiment and create as much chaos as possible in the lives of your Sims or they like to tell their stories to their friends. You can create, manage and play with the lives of your pets.

This new version of The Sims 3 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, adds a new level of entertainment to the lives of your Sims, giving you the opportunity to adopt cats and dogs. For the first time in console will take control of your pets, as they will help your Sims to discover and solve mysteries in the city.

Also, since you can make reservations for your game and get new breeds like the dog retriever tiger, panda chow, cat or skunk Birman among others.


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