Mar 172011

Electronic Arts announced through press release that Facebook is now available in the game. An innovative online RPG created by BioWare Play4Free in collaboration with award-winning franchise that expands the action RPG and features a deep and of high quality for Facebook.

Also, this game is bound to Dragon Age II, allowing players to complete specific missions in Dragon Age Legends, and get five unique items to use in Dragon Age II for PlayStation 3.

Free Set in the Marches, Dragon Age Legends combines turn-based combat with an incredible cooperative gameplay. Just simply loggin on Facebook, gamers can get into the online RPG to recruit their friends and embark on a journey through the battle with challenging missions. Like all classic RPGs, players can win prizes and share rewards with friends to grow your strength as heroes and the power of his kingdom. The game features the rewarding opportunity to customize your character and an updated system that allows players to face the demons and monsters and become the legendary hero of the universe of Dragon Age.

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